We are a Reformed and reforming church characterized by a high view of Scripture with Christ-centered expository preaching and biblical counseling, and a serious commitment to the local church and strong families.


Learn a little about our current teaching and preaching series below.


Our Bible Study Hour is a time of informal lecture with opportunities for whole-class discussion. We are currently working through the epistle of 2 Corinthians, using the corresponding book by Derek Prime in the "Let's Study" series. Themes of this epistle include persevering through trials, understanding Christian service, spreading the gospel, and giving charitably. Click the button below to see the study book.


We are learning how to pray like the psalmists in this sermon series studying through the psalms one by one. As each psalm is explained and applied, we are seeing Christ as both the voice and the subject of much of the Psalms. You can find audio recordings of these sermons by clicking the button below.

Scripture Meditations

During our Wednesday night prayer meetings, we have been considering Pastor Charles Spurgeon's evening devotionals on various Scripture passages, with explanation and further thoughts from Pastor Meadows. Through these meditations, we have been both challenged and encouraged by insights into Scripture. While Spurgeon's writings alone are a blessing, we have also benefited by using them as a springboard for further study and discussion on the Scripture verses and the themes they address. A sampling of these studies is available by clicking the button below.


Calvary Baptist Church welcomes you to join us for worship and learning from the Bible. We are dedicated to spreading the teaching of God's written Word, and growing in grace as we learn to walk with Christ. We love to see new faces in our midst, and look forward to meeting you!

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